My art practice is rooted in moving image and collage. In my videos and installations I create immersive and experimental narratives that pull the viewer into a familiar yet alien world. I cut and paste. My raw materials include my own recorded footage, movies, TV shows, newscasts, and uploads from YouTube superstars and nobodies.  My video work functions in relation to the familiar experiences of TV and internet video but moves to disrupt traditional content.  Collage is closely tied to the notion of the remix.  This process of re-contextualizing familiar images and symbols to create new content is fundamental in the age of the internet and I use it to examine how culture builds myths, defines what’s ordinary, and incites emotion.

I seek out worlds where meaning and perception are constantly in flux, leading to bizarre narratives.  To begin I dip into my own memories, misunderstandings, and desires.  Childhood is my guide as I look for a time of instability between experience and thought, and examine how meaning shifts as one learns new points of connection between objects, places, and situations.





Phase Shift MFA Exhibition Catalog

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