Artist Statement

My recent work is a mixture of remembered schematics and misconstrued experiences.  Depictions of remembered architecture and situations from my childhood, constructed from memory, are my starting point.  I am not interested in building scale models or replicas of these past places, nor is the resulting artwork necessarily about being a child.  It is about perception in its most tumultuous state.

Working through re-enactments of my memories has been my strategy to access childhood perception.  Video and drawing have been effective mediums for my exploration, enabling a system of combination and collage, allowing me to bring information from my memory, photographs, internet searches, and recorded footage into a depicted space.  Often, the basis of my videos and drawings begins with 3D modeling.  Drawing spaces in 3D (in digital software and analog cardboard) allows me to construct a physical space as I attempt to excavate schematic information stored within memories.  These seemingly accurate models are then a stage for playing out distorted and imagined constructions that often accompany those memories.


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