AEP: Schematic & Surface, Summer Series at Hopkins Hall Gallery

Wood, Tyvek Paper, Large scale Xerox, laser etched prints, 3D animation & video projection, 2016.

Sam van Strien & Diana Abells

Through a collaborative investigation of the modernist structure of the American Electric Power (AEP) headquarter building in downtown Columbus, Ohio, we will explore the public and private duality of the architecture of corporate America.  A large building like AEP’s skyscraper is automatically a part of the public space of the downtown skyline landscape, and yet the interior building itself is intensely private.  Public spaces of a plaza and lobby mark a boundary: the limit to the public interface with the building. AEP’s building, and comparable others of the downtown landscape represent the hegemony of modernist, city architecture .
By investigating this particular instance of the AEP building, designed by Max Abramovitz in 1990, we will explore what it means that we, as a public, cannot have access to a building.  This exploration will lead us to critique the building as an object in space without integration into its environment or context, as well as how the language of the exterior architecture informs our understanding and imagination of what goes on inside.